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For the month of May, our contest theme was GRADUATION.  Have you written about graduation from school--either an academic school or the school of hard knocks.  What was that transition like for you?  What came next?


Or may you've explored graduation in more diverse or natural ways.  If you have something about moving from one segment of life to another, one awareness to the next, please share your words.


Prize awarded for the best poem!  


Congratulations  Robert Hasselblad---

Winner of the "April Fools" Puget Sound Poetry Connection Contest

Our open mic contest for April 12th is, guess what--  APRIL FOOLS DAY!     


Some writing prompts----
  1.  Have you ever had someone pull a prank on you? What was the prank and what was your reaction to it?
  2.  What do you think it means to be a fool? Have you ever acted like a fool yourself? What are some foolish things you've done?
  3.  Imagine that someone has pulled such a wild and crazy prank that it's affected the entire town. What is this massive prank and how did the person pull it off?
  4.  Some pranks for April Fools can be found online, such as fake news headlines that seem real. List or make up three Internet pranks and the people you know who might be fooled by them. Why are these people so easily tricked?

6       Create a poem using the following words: prank, laugh, joke, and confusion.  

                          Connie Walle will be awarding the 1st place prize.   

Congratulations to the winner of the March poetry contest, Glenna Cook.

It was a beautiful and moving poem that left us all misty eyed.

Thank you, Glenna.