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Puget Sound Poetry Connection release party for "ARIA 2020"

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Wright Park in Tacoma, when the members of the Puget Sound Poetry Connection gathered together to celebrate the release of our first collection of poetry from members only. The collection, entitled "ARIA 2020" is the brainchild of PSPC board member Micheal Magee, who collected, edited, and published the collection. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for the members and guests to gather and share our best poems with each other.

There is nothing like holding the poems of your writer friends in your hands in a single volume.

Many Thanks to you, Michael, and to all the poets who contributed.

Latest Big News:

John M. Tarrh - composer and consultant, has put Puget Sound Poetry Connections Founder Connie K. Walle's poem, "Write Me a Love Poem" to music.

From Johns web site:

" I've just discovered a wonderful poet, Connie K. Walle. Her book, What's Left, is full of touching, heartfelt poems. I've set one of these for solo soprano and piano in honor of my wife's sixty-fifth birthday. It's called Write Me a Love Poem. Click here for an audio recording of the song, and here to see the score. I plan to set more of Connie's very special poems to music."

  " Puget Sound Poetry Connection Brings Quality Talent, Creates a Space for Poetry"

Recent "SouthSound Talk" Article about Puget Sound Poetry Connection:  


Puget Sound Poetry Connection Board

Connie Walle  ~  President and Founder


Board Members

        Carl Palmer - Board Chair  

        Shannon O'Donnell

        Allen Braden 

        Bob Toohey 

        Robert Hasselblad 

        Kat Van Eddy  

        Kay Mullen

        Jo Forbes

        Michael Magee

        Glenna Cook

        Benjamin Olson 

        Laura Jensen 

        Gale Hemmann

        Dale King

        Alan Harvey

901 N J St. Tacoma, WA 98403
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