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Distinguished Writer Series

Presented by the City of Tacoma and

Puget Sound Poetry Connection

The goal of our readings is to bring poets of import to Tacoma

 to help local poets learn and set goals for their own works.

 We also provide a showcase for local poets to share their new work.  All venues are free, physically accessible, and open to the public.

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Sept 12th, 7:00 p.m.

Kings Bookstore (218 St. Helens, Tacoma)

Feature for September, Laura LeHew

Laura LeHew is the author of a full-length book of poems, two chapbooks, numerous poems articles. She is an active volunteer and mentor in the NW poetry community. Laura received her MFA from the California College of Arts. Her small press Uttered Chaos (www.utteredchaos.org) focuses on poetry.






she hates being an environmental indicator

but she’s on the verge of extermination

colony collapse disorder

pesticides, stress, disease--

another great bee


die off


wildfires in the Midwest rage out of control

2012 breaking heat records

hottest year on record since 1895 burning

nest, nectar and pollen and

the seasonal outlook--




she just can’t pollinate what isn’t there

failing crops corn, apples, blueberries

their risk--16 billion dollars

one out of three bites of food


She knows, she’s been there before

the Great Depression, the dust bowl now

the world economy in a Great Recession




Whatever happed to acid rain?