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The City of Tacoma and Puget Sound Poetry Presents

The Distinguished Writer Series

August 14th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Kings Bookstore, 218 St. Helens, Tacoma WA

Featured Reader: John Milkeret

John Milkereit is from Chicago, but currently he is a rotating equipment engineer working at an engineering contracting firm in Houston, TX. His poems have appeared in various literary journals such as Big River Poetry Review and San Pedro River Review. His chapbooks are Home & Away and Paying Admissions (Pudding House Press, 2010). He is currently enrolled in the third year of a low-residency M.F.A. program in Creative Writing at the Rainier Writing Workshop in Tacoma, WA. His new collection of poems, A Rotating Equipment Engineer is Never Finished, was published March 2015 (Ink Brush Press).

Ten Ways of Looking at My Boring Life

  1. My boring life walks into a bar.

They don’t have any water, so he leaves.

  1. A rice cake is tasteless, lightweight.

My boring life eats a bagful daily.

  1. “Eat hamburgers without pickles, order

waffles at Waffle House,” he whines.

  1. The lake is frozen.

My boring life tries to skate with dull blades.

  1. A man and a woman romp

at the Motel 6.

A man and a woman and my boring life sit

in the Motel 6 lobby playing gin rummy.

  1. “Turn on the T.V.,” screams my boring life.

“I miss General Hospital. What will happen

to Laura and Rick?”

  1. My boring life is no full service rest area.

No bathrooms, no picnic tables, no vending machines

with raspberry shortbread cookies. There are definitely

no vending machines.

  1. The blackbird sits on a limb and laughs

at my boring life. He starts reading poetry.

  1. My boring life wears a polyester blended

shirt without a pocket. Every day in Iowa.

  1. A mermaid sat on a rock combing her hair.

When she saw my boring life on the beach,

she dove into the water.