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Distinguished Writer Series

Presented by the City of Tacoma and

Puget Sound Poetry Connection

The goal of our readings is to bring poets of import to Tacoma

 to help local poets learn and set goals for their own works.

 We also provide a showcase for local poets to share their new work.  All venues are free, physically accessible, and open to the public.

Want more information about “What’s Happening” in the poetry realm:

 go to our CONTACT Page and sign in to our Forwarded Email List.  If you want to share a reading, book sale or some other poetry event email our new email pspcpres1@gmail.com.


March 13th, Friday at 7:oo p.m.

Kings Bookstore (218 St. Helens, Tacoma)

Feature for February: Paul Nelson


Paul Nelson founded SPLAB and the Cascadia Poetry Festival, published: 

Organic Poetry (essays), a serial poem re-enacting history, A Time Before Slaughter and Organic in Cascadia: A Sequence of Energies. He was awarded a residency at The Lake, by the Morris Graves Foundation in Loleta, CA., & the 2014 Robin Blaser Award.



3.27.14 – The former Vietnam sniper’s not interested in Trigger Warnings.

4.3.14 – Nothing says Seattle like a cross-dressing bank robber shot by cops.

4.6.14 – Search for weeks for landslide victims only to find and re-bury them.

4.8.14 – Took my smart phone in my dumb car to photograph dumb guys tip smart cars.

4.9.14 – Poor Christians who teach Easter eggs are “playing with Lucifer’s testicles.”

5.2.14 – Once eliminated from the beer slam, Dan puts on his socks & shoes.

4.28.14 – I call Ma to tell Pop to hang up, our cellphone connection was lost.

5.3.14 – Collis at Cascadia: “Capitalism is a doomsday device.”

5.8.14 – A sense of accomplishment passing the vehicle emissions test.

5.11.14 – Just to take the shine off Ma one last time, my Dad dies on Mother’s day.