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The City of Tacoma and Puget Sound Poetry Presents

The Distinguished Writer Series

August 11th, 2017  7:00 p.m.

Kings Bookstore, 218 St. Helens, Tacoma WA

Featured Reader: Summer Barnett

Summer, a 12-year-old poet, has been writing poetry since she was six. She is a creative spirit, a lover of words, books, and music, and an aspiring novelist.


I wake up in a technicolor dream.

The crowd passes by my window

and I feel the throbbing pulse and pressure

of their feet across cobblestone.

I feel it rub like a purr in my throat

and I run to join them.

I march, not knowing where I am going--

except that it is forward...

or backward...

or somewhere--

and that other people are going there too.

The crowd marches on--

flesh-colored blurs

against the afternoon light.

We march together,

submerged in a colorful blindness,

in tuneless music

that echos in the tasteless,

sour, silence, and curdles,

into the silent drone of centuries.

As we march in circles over the sand,

we watch the sun set,

watch it bleed down the sky

like runny watercolors,

into a pale and sleepless night.

Our scripted laughter whistles

from high in our throats

and rings in our empty skulls

like a shotgun blast and then

the silence.


I hear a soft whicker in the night.

The filly stands,

a pale shadow of light against dark.

Sweet air fills her nostrils as she breaths

against the palm of my hand.



her pale body spotted with dark,

like a cratered moon against the night.